Stylish & Unique Men’s Haircuts at “Evan Style” in Hongdae


Are you a stylish guy looking for a cool place to get a haircut in Seoul? Do you want something modern like a K-pop star, crazy dye job, or not quite the safe norm found at most salons in the city? Well we have found a great place that caters to all tastes~ trendsetting and unique or stylish and modern ♥ Evan Style!

The stylists of Evan Style~ They look pretty awesome themselves!

Are you a stylish guy looking for a cool place to get a haircut in Seoul? Do you want something modern like a K-pop star, crazy dye job, or not quite the safe norm found at most salons in the city? Well we have found a great place that caters to all tastes~ trendsetting and unique or stylish and modern ♥ Evan Style!

The stylists of Evan Style~ They look pretty awesome themselves!

Nara likes to get haircuts that are a little funky compared to the average guy here in Korea~ so while hunting for “cool” salons we came across Evan Style which was highly praised online as one of the best higher-end Men’s salons to go for unique haircuts and color treatment in Seoul! They also work with a lot of clients that are models, indie musicians, DJs, and actors here~ people who need to look make sure they good while they work!

Some of the many amazing examples from the Evan Style website~ 

The have two locations, one in Hongdae which has stylists on staff that cater to   usually younger crowds of students, designers, musicians, punk styles etc  and one in Gangnam which apparently caters to trendy young business guys, models, interier designer-types, and guys looking for a more professional modern style.  The Hongdae location seemed to be a better fit for Nara, so we decided to give them a try with his haircut!

Hongdae stylist Evan “R” with his happy client! This look was called the “Pink Spider”

Note: If you are looking for any sort of unnatural color jobs (pink, purple, red, two-tone color, pastels, whatever!) the Hongdae Location works them them a lot!  Not every salon can dye your hair bubblegum pink here, so take note!

Evan Style in Hongdae has 4 level choices when you are picking out a stylist, these reflect the prices of course~  Master, Top, ES, and Pop.  The stylists go by letters here, which looks a little confusing at first~ but you get used to it.  On the Evan style website they go by the same letters, so if you have a hard time remembering Korean names I guess that makes life a bit easier lol


Nara did not need anything too dramatic this visit so he decided to go with a “pop” stylist since the price was good for him!  They recommended stylist Evan “K” who is an expert at cutting more rock/punk styles in the pop category, which worked well for Nara!

Evan style is a salon for guys. Yes, they will take appointments for girls (for double the price listed)  but I have had my hair cut at guys salons and generally it works better for more shaggy very short punk girl cuts that are pretty much still guys styles lol.  I like a more feminine long style so I decided to sit out and observe!   If I need to get any colors or dip dye I think I would totally come here for that though!

I love the stylist business cards here!  The front looks like a playing card~ everyone looked so cool so I wanted to just collect them all *_* haha.

While we waited the cute assistants in little black skirts with bow-ties came out and brought us some tea.

The custom cup cover things they have here are pretty amusing ^^ hehe “European, Sexy, Guys Only”

After a short wait Evan K came out to have a consultation with Nara about what he was looking for and what she thought would be best while they flipped through the ipad menu. Because Nara is still working in a government office here he has not been able to dye his hair or do anything too crazy, so he just opted for something modern that would be fun to style, but not get him in trouble at work for now…. he finishes in May thankfully :P

Evan K’s adorable peppy assistant stepped in to wash Nara’s hair and get him ready.  He speaks a bit of English and was super sweet!

Evan “L” one of the two master stylists at Evan Style (Gangnam location)

Each stylist has one assistant, and they are like cute side-kicks or something.  I dunno, I just found each of them really adorable ♥  They all seemed to have really fun personalities too.

While you are waiting for your friend or killing time before your appointment you have plenty of things to occupy your time at Evan Style~  Darts for example!

Or you can sit at the bar and order a drink while you surf the internet… gotta love Korea! Always room for a bar!  Sometimes they make this location into a club at night on the weekends, they even had a large Halloween party this year that looked like a ton of fun.

haha pretty awesome!  They keep the site and personal blogs updated with all sorts of fun events they do as a team or hold at the space~  ♥

Pool table for you to use!

The decor inside the Hongdae Evan Style location is a really hip kinda gritty warehouse/garage sort of feeling, I liked it and I am sure the guys that come here like the atmosphere as well! It was very cool….for lack of a better word haha.

One thing to note is that smoking is allowed in the waiting area around the bar and pools table.  This is not common at salons and I am sure just something Evan Style does because it caters to men….and men here like to smoke lol.  Thankfully nobody really smoked while we visited the salon, but I guess for some it is nice to have that option.

where the hot guy magic happens!


Stylist Evan U ~ I love her purple hair!

All of the stylists here looked so unique and cool~ Refreshing to see lots of unique hair and fashion!

Stylist Evan “B” putting the finishing touches on his client ♥

Doodles someone drew of Nara’s stylist hehehe

After his shampoo Evan K set to work skilfully trimming and thinning out Nara’s hair. 

Sometimes it is hard to find a stylist that is really good at thinning out insanely thick Asian hair like Nara’s…. just a trim and he has a whole pile on the floor like a sheep or something!  Thinning it makes it a lot cooler and easier to style, but it is a bit tedious so we are always looking for a stylist that is experienced (and willing) to spend the extra time to go through and take care of this for him~ some just don’t know how or are lazy.  Thankfully Evan K did not dissapoint!

This is why I think Men have such great hair in Asia~ the stylists take SO much time to cut each layer carefully VS back home where they just hack away as fast as possible.   She spent so much time going through small areas to thin it out and make sure it would fall just right and look awesome when it was styled~ very meticulous!! It took almost 50 min if I remember correctly, and YES the extra time spent really does show ♥

Behold~ The sexy Korean Man-Perm in action.

In Korea, perms are extremely common here on Men! I know to some people that may seem a little bizarre, but they are not the perms from the 80′s most of us are thinking about when we hear that word lol! When I first moved here I was always amused when I saw guys getting perms at the salon when I went, but now I have become numb to it lol.

Korean Men like to get perms usually to give a bit of wave or add a bit of kink texture for styling of thin limp hair. The result is always really stylish so I can see why guys like getting them! Evan Style seems to have especially good skills with the Man-perm at both locations if you are looking to add a little something to your hair texture.

gotta love random work space cuteness!


One stylist LOVED stitch so his/her area was covered in stitch goodies!

Evan K’s workspace had her speaker and guitar set up~ apparently after hours she plays. Badass.

Big thank you to Nara for translating the site info for this blog! ♥

Along with the typical hair salon services, Evan Style offers styling and consultation for guys that need a bit of extra help.  Generally these services are used by models (or people with the extra cash) who need to get ready for a shoot, date, big event, interview, etc when they want to look EXTRA nice.

I watched them work away at this guy for over an hour doing his hair, eyebrows, styling, and finishing him off with a bit of BBcream and eyeliner.  He looked gorgeous when he was done *_* Wonder what he was getting ready for…. it was fun to watch at least ♥

Finishing touches on Nara’s new haircut!

After a long time of careful trimming Nara was finally done! They spent a good 20 min showing him how to style his new haircut just right~  check out that awesome hairspray sheild!

Total cost for “Pop Stylist” cut= 22000 won! Nice!

All done!!!  Looking like a K-pop hottie now!!  His new cut was great because he needed WAY LESS thick sticky gel to get the look he wanted with this new cut, just a bit of hairspray and hand magic.

Thank you Evan Style for doing such a wonderful job and allowing me to creep around the location and snap all these photos to share!  They lived up to the hype and did not dissapoint at all, Nara’s new cut looked amazing ~they really are hair masters with guys!  Come here if you want a nice stylish men’s haircut or something unique in terms of color or style, they will make you look great.

♥ ♥ ♥

If you would like more style examples in general from this salon, particular stylists, additional services offered, or price breakdowns you can check out the Evan Style website HERE~ it is really well done and has a done of info + regular updates!  You can browse styles and see photos of how they went about the process, and even price + time involved for specific looks.  Another section shows all the current stylists with links to reviews from customers posted online and personal blogs~ really handy!!

Directions to Evan Style Hongdae

As I said above, Evan style has two locations~ the one in Hongdae is for more artsy guys and the one in Gangnam is for more stylish guys generally.  For this post I will provide directions to the Hongdae location since that is the one we go to, but if you need to find the Gangnam location you can use the address and put it in naver maps to get an idea ♥  Both are closed on Tuesdays and do not call to confirm appointments, so make sure you remember and double check!

♥ Evan Style Website HERE ♥

If you are coming by the subway, you are going to want to take the Green Line #2 to Hongdae aka Hongik University


This is a little bit of a walk through the main area of Hongdae, very similar to where Korea’s Lomography Lab is that I recently blogged about!  As you can see by the map it is right past Hongdae park.

When you hit Hongdae park you are going to take a right down the side street with the fence!

Head down the site streets and keep right, eventually you will see the building + small signs on your right!!

Evan Style will be on the 2nd floor of this building! ♥

I know I do not have as many male readers as female, but if you try this place out please do come back and share your experience with the blog! They cut a lot of foreign models hair, so even if you are not Asian I think they will be able to take care of you just fine ♥

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