Sweet Potato Pastries for “Chuseok”


This year’s 추석: (Chuseok or This year’s 추석: (Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving Day) is on September 19th. Chuseok gift sets abound as one of the most important celebrations in South Korea is fast approaching. Have you thought of what present to bring along when you visit your husband’s parents or your Korean friend’s home?

If you happen to pass by Dongdaemun station, why not check out 고구마명가 (Goguma myeongga)? This small cafe and bakery, which is actually just a food stall, sells delicious pie, bread, cookies and other pastries made of goguma or sweet potato. They have gift sets which are very affordable and perfect asChuseok presents.




Here are gift set samples for Chuseok.



A 20-piece gift set costs 26 USD (1,137 PHP); a 14-piece gift set is 17 USD (771 PHP)… not too pricey compared to other Chuseok gifts like traditional Korean sweets or pastries, wine, fruit, meat, etc.

Today, I found a Chuseok gift set of traditional Korean sweets in Lotte Department Store, and my jaw dropped when I looked at the price… 200,000 KRW (183 USD) (8,119 PHP)! Traditional Korean sweets are not even that toothsome.

I don’t really like sweet potatoes, but 고구마명가 makes very good sweet potato pastries. My favorite is the pie which is best served warm.

Here in Korea, there are so many dishes made of sweet potato, from appetizers to desserts like salad, pizza, cake… it’s even cooked with meat!

You can also buy 20 pieces of assorted sweet potato cookies in a box for 16 USD (731 PHP). If you would like to bring some for your family, you can buy 10 pieces of different flavors of pie and cookies for 13 USD (568 PHP).

I bought sweet potato pastries for my parents-in-law the other day, and they liked them. I am going to order a Chuseok set for my husband’s eldest uncle. I think his family will like the gift. =)


고구마명가 has shops around the country. Here is a list of where the shops are located and their numbers. Visit their website for more information. 


What other gifts are great for Chuseok? Please share them with us by clicking the comment button. ^^

Have a happy Chuseok! ^^

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