That Is What Dance Floors Are Made Of


Good bye Bu!
Hello Gu!

Good bye Bu!
Hello Gu!

With little sleep and even less of an idea of what was about to happen I followed these three boys on a little musical roadtrip to Daegu to see this guy play.

He didn’t disappoint.
All the cool kids got sweaty…..

….the cute girls took pictures ….

….overwhelming cocktails were consumed …

… and Matt Rowe outdanced them all.
When this guy started drumming … my head almost exploded in that “oohh … ahhh … AHHHH” sort of way when you aren’t quite sure what is going on, but oh my goodness it’s amazing.

Delicious somethings were consumed ….
… and surprise! suprise! little sleep was had.
The next day the boys tried spreading some American 4th of July love ….

…. but they got over that idea.

Bye bye Gu!
Hello Bu!

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