Valentine’s Day in Korea




Today is Valentine’s Day, or as I like to refer to it as: Friday. Jiwon is sick today so we have no plans in particular, she is still at work though because without a doubt, she is one particular brand of sturdy, relentlessly soldiering moose. That’s our pet name for one another, stinking moose. Like is the philosophy of my graduate school, don’t ask questions just accept it.

Valentine’s is rather different in Korea though. This is not too surprising considering that this place manifests itself to me as more alien than the Bermuda Triangle more often than not. Today is for the girls to show their love, well I say love, they just buy some chocolates, no more, no less. In true Korean fashion, everybody does the same, but then again, we all know how difficult it is for people to demonstrate but an ounce of creativity nowadays. I saw an article today that stated that Korea was indeed one of, if not the most innovative countries in the world. What a shame that this innovative mind-set does not trickle down to the basic fabric of society right?

Jiwon will be home soon and I am not sure what she was planning for me, all I know is that I came back to a box of half eaten strawberries and some cold-partially-congealed Korean-Chinese food, again, half-eaten :) Thanks Ji, thinking outside of the box as ever. The strawberries were good though, so good I have eaten them all and am now writhing around with a dirty stomach cramp.

But in all seriousness, there seems to be a day for everything here in Korea, and each one seems to be in some way geared towards the couple-culture. On White Day the guy treats the girl, on Black day singles eat black noodles, and on Diary Day they exchange plans for the year. They are but a few of the commercialized events that people actively embrace like fish to water here in South Korea. I would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to Wine Day on October 14th, a glass or two of which I am often in genuine need for whilst living in this country. There is no coincidence that Koreans are some of the biggest drinkers in the world, I would propose a Soju Day, but it simply would not work. Reason being: here in Korea, every day is Soju Day…

I would continue but Ji will be home soon and the room looks like a bomb hit it twice over. I should probably clean up my act a bit, so let’s just say that this rant is To Be Continued…




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