We Show You a Bloody Night View_2

2. Don’t Envy Starbucks, the Starbus Coffee

2. Don’t Envy Starbucks, the Starbus Coffee

After a moment your mouth being dropped down at the night view that comes into your sight, there are people gathered over there admiring about something. If you look around you can see the night view from everywhere, but that point is the place where Haeundae and Gwanganri looks the most beautiful. Any objects and trees don’t bother your view, and the night view comes into your sight in the most wide range, and Haeundae and Gwanganri looks at the most beautiful angle. The Gwangan Bridge also shows brightly. What you need to be aware is that there is a fence but it is not that wide, to if you go too close to look closely your feet may slip and you may tumble down, so you must be aware and aware again. Especially I recommend not bringing your children with you. You can’t see below your feet because of the dark, so it is dangerous for even adults.

I have given some warning for caution’s sake, but the night view that you see while having a cup of coffee and a piece of toast at the lighted truck you like is just fascinating. As you know, as sightseeing cities, Haeundae and Gwanganri are much more ‘urban’ than other boroughs. I have introduced the Busan Tower of Yongdusan Park before, and if you have seen the night view there it will have a completely different impression from here. If the night view at the Busan Tower shows you Busan, the night view at Hwangryeong Mountain shows the Busan that looks like a fancy city of a foreign country. It’s interesting, comparing the two night views. The whole different scenery of Busan from the two places shows another ‘Busan’ by themselves. There is a name that sticks out among the cafes formed by trucks, which is the ‘Starbus’ that has parodied ‘Starbucks.’ It is not a well known café but it sells coffee with only half the price of Starbucks, and makes people enjoy this ‘bloody’ scenery with a cup of warm coffee. Other trucks also sell individual styles of menus, so enjoy the late-night snack with the night view.

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