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3. Can the Bongsudae(Signal-Fire Platform) be Like This?

3. Can the Bongsudae(Signal-Fire Platform) be Like This?

One of my traveling habits is looking for brief information that I really need before hitting the road, and leaving blindly. This mind of ‘let’s just hit the road for any sake’ makes me miss good spectacles or food, and gives inconvenience by making me wander around finding the way. The merit is that I don’t follow the route that everyone else goes through, so I get to find ‘my own trip.’ So every time I write an article on traveling, I always stand at the crossroads of writing concretely or not, and I want to recommend you to surely go to the Bongsudae if you have come up the Hwangryeong Mountain to see the night view. Surprisingly, there are many people who just go down the mountain around here not knowing about the place. Actually we almost went down also, but following my opinion to ‘not go down by taking a u-turn but go around all the way down following the road that we took upwards,’ we drove our car and found a place where there were cars parked in a row. We felt there must be something here, so we parked our car and got off, and we could see the sign that says ‘Hwangryeong Mountatin Bongsudae.’
 We started to walk upwards thinking we couldn’t take the car, but there were cars parked all over the place. It turned out that cars couldn’t enter the Bongsudae, but could go near to the middle of the road. But the road is quite narrow and there isn’t any parking lot, so if everyone take their cars up it must be inconvenient and you might cause nuisance to people, so I recommend you to just walk up to the place. The slope isn’t that steep and the atmosphere is nice so it is good for a walk.
 Walking up following the road, there is a refined atmosphere that doesn’t really match with the name Bongsudae. Soft street lights add a romantic mood to the place. Before even taking breath, being overwhelmed and getting stiff for a moment by the unhampered view, the pretty staircase on the right makes you go up them. If you follow those stairs there are ardent night views from other angles spread in front of you, and you get to throw away all your worries and concerns that you had down there with the night breeze. But you’re wrong if you think this is the end. This is not the Bongsudae. The opposite side is the Bongsudae at last. Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the Bongsudae. I was very tired being busy the whole day, but I decided to pluck up and go on.

 I must have regretted my whole life if I didn’t come here. Oh my, this place was the real ‘highlight.’ When I went up near to the beacon mound, the scenery was overwhelming as if the whole universe was mine. It’s in the dark night, but the night view dazzles my eyes. The world that I see from the Bongsudae which was used in the past to give signals by lighting fire is bright like this. Does this make sense? Even a flame that blazes furiously would be buried by the light here. I thought of the soldiers of the past, that they would have looked down the village of Busan in one sight before the city was formed here. The form of the fortress which is still left over doesn’t really match this urban scenery, but the world that I look down from the fortress touches me deeply, making me feel as if I am the head that has made the world mine.

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