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by Reji

So-hee sat at the window watching the full moon gleam along with thousands of stars on a very fine night. Her face was leaned against her knees. She breathed tiredly and her eyes were drowned by tears. She sobbed gently, preventing others to hear her. She has been like this since the night invaded the earth.

It was passed a year since Song-ju heedlessly left her after a four-year relationship. She never talked to him since then, though she was seeing him around the city with his new girlfriend.

Things were so hard for So-hee. She was trying to forget him. She focused her time in sports, academics and in arts. It was a perfect refuge for her and a total sacrifice either!

A day of her disgusting past came back. So-hee’s parents enrolled her on the same university where Song-ju was studying. He was four years older than her that made So-hee to be one of the school’s freshmen.

“How could I face him?” So-hee had cried to her friend, Jin-sung.

“Don’t look at him. Not once! Okay?” Jin-sung exclaimed. “So-hee, forget about him. He’s jerk and psychopathic who doesn’t know how to give importance to a great person like you!”

Jin-sung’s words charged So-hee with spirit and courage. After a ride on the bus, she entered the university’s gate gently. She stooped, letting her long shiny hair cover her face.

“Jin-sung, I’m so sorry. I’m not yet prepared!” she whispered. She immediately walked to the building and looked for her room. As she was walking through the corridor, students didn’t miss to stare at So-hee. She was fantastically beautiful, though she lacked confidence to show it to everybody. When she finally found her room, she never wasted her time. She glued her butt on the chair and never did plan to stray outside.

“I’ll just suffer here!” she whispered.

For the entire month, So-hee started to adjust to her new environment, disregarding the fact that she was in the same institution with her ex-boyfriend. She started to become confident at school. She attended activities she wished to join. But the mere fact was she had her feet off the senior’s building. That way, she would perfectly steer clear of meeting Song-ju.

So-hee’s simplicity attracted a lot of students. Without doing anything, she became popular at school making her as “campus crush.” Male students sent her fan letters that made her a total celebrity at school. But things resulted only to So-hee’s burden, feeling unease every time she passed by a group of students.

News spread throughout the school including to the seniors. Song-ju heard a lot of stories about a girl named So-hee but disregarded it, thinking that she was a different person she knew before. For the record, he didn’t see So-hee as a pretty attractive one – short haired and thin. And she was nothing in compared to the fine lady they were describing.

“Impossible! She’s a different one,” he proudly whispered.

One fine morning, just before the first subject in the morning, Song-ju and his girlfriend Yuri along with their senior friends sat on the field in front of the soccer field. They had a very exciting and humorous talk when Song-ju inadvertently looked at the opposite direction. He can’t believe to his eyes. He never blinked, not once, seeing a fair lady with her sporty denim skirt and robber shoes. She walked, carrying her bag as her long hair flew along with gentle morning breeze.

“Han So-hee!” a group of girl soccer players called out.

She waved and smiled. It was the sweetest smile Song-ju had seen. Even his friends turned their attention to So-hee who passed by.

“Oh man, they’re right!” Song-ju’s friend exclaimed as they were all staring at her.

Loud school bell rang……

“Song-ju, come on,” Yuri pulled him out of the field, feeling uncomfortable.

So-hee pre-occupied Song-ju’s mind. He didn’t listen to their lesson and after class, he unbelievably left. He went back to the field where he saw So-hee. He stood there for about five minutes and imagined her walking in front of him. The field was empty. It was late afternoon and the students were out.

“Perhaps, she’s home now,” he whispered smiling.

So-hee painted a picture inside her room. She remembered Song-ju and then contemplated. She stopped painting and sat on her bed. She grabbed her diary. “It’s exactly two years and still, can’t forget about him. I guess, avoiding him wasn’t a great idea. It just gave me a reason to miss him. Huh, what should I do? See him? I guess so!”

So-hee headed first at the school cafeteria than Jin-sung. Carrying her food on a tray, she searched for an empty seat. When she passed by a group of students, a loud voice woke her up.


In front of her were Song-ju and his friends – that was the moment she tried to avoid but she can’t escape. She gathered her spirits in a single second to face him. Finally, So-hee took a stand. She greeted him with a bow like he was an ordinary fan to So-hee and left.

Song-ju’s eyes followed her as she sat on a distant seat with Jin-sung. He felt disappointed and abashed on So-hee’s gestures. His friends on the other hand surprised Song-ju’s connection to So-hee.

“Wow! You didn’t tell us, you knew So-hee!”

Yuri angered the scene and stared badly at Song-ju.

“She’s a family friend,” he exclaimed to ease his girlfriend’s jealousy.

So-hee and Jin-sung walked home together. Carrying their heavy duffels with soccer uniforms and stuffs, they chatted gladly.

“That’s perfect, So-hee!” Jin-sung said.

“I can face him now!”

“I told you, that’s easy! And what you did was amazing. See, Song-ju realized that he wasn’t that good and there are a lot of guys out there that you can choose from. Hey, who’s Mr. Right?”

So-hee replied a smile – a doubtful smile. She slowed her pace and became silent.

It was Saturday and So-hee stayed at home. She cleaned up her room and kept her old stuffs. On her box were gifts, pictures and letters from Song-ju. She felt released after meeting him and decided to throw the trash she kept for so long.

On the other hand, Song-ju gathered back from his box the stuffs from So-hee. He returned his picture with her on the frame, replacing his picture with Yuri.

Now that So-hee finally released her memories with Song-ju, Song-ju recollected them all. Actually it was a big surprise for So-hee when she received a bouquet of flowers at home. It has no note and she didn’t have the idea where it came from.

After school, So-hee took a ride on a bus and Song-ju surprisingly sat beside her. She ignored him at once. Song-ju noticed it. He tried to catch her attention but he has nothing to say. Perhaps, he felt guilty after breaking her heart two years back.

“Ah…….how’s your parents?” Song-ju stammered, struggling to get So-hee’s attention. But, he didn’t hear a reply.

So-hee glued her eyes outside. She controlled her anger upon Song-ju. She doesn’t want to build another connection on him because she doesn’t trust him anymore. Song-ju continued talking.

“So-hee, I never thought you’re good at sports. I saw you played and your game’s amazing!” he overjoyed and tried to look delighted but not So-hee.

“Ah……I’ve seen your paintings and they’re work of art! Actually, I told daddy about it and he’s coming to the exhibit!” Song-ju added but So-hee remained heedless. He realized So-hee’s anger on him.

“I’m…..sorry, I’m so sorry!” Song-ju exclaimed.

So-hee was disgusted. She abruptly stood and asked the driver to stop. She went down the bus and Song-ju followed her.

So-hee walked steadfastly to avoid him but Song- ju was firm and followed her.

“So-hee!” he called out. “So-hee!”

So-hee stopped and turned to Song-ju exasperatingly. Her tears began to fall. “After what you have done, you’ll show up as if nothing had happened and say just a sorry?”

“I’m so sorry So-hee!”

So-hee stared at him. “Things are better left that way than to feel sorry!” She ran away.

“What? He said that?” Jin-sung wondered. “Oh my gosh So-hee, he’s trying to make up things with you again!”

“Huh?” So-hee acted like she doesn’t know a thing.

“Think this way So-hee. Song-ju wants to go back with you. And now he feels sorry about the past to convince you in accepting him again! Hey, don’t easily trust him. Remember, he once cheated you!”

Song-ju and So-hee’s way crossed together at school. Song-ju was walking with his closest friend Tae Hwa, when he encountered her. So-hee avoided him, even his eye. He can’t do anything to speak to her so he set himself to be contented in just looking at her. Tae Hwa wondered the scene.

Since that day, Song-ju changed a lot. He started to become quiet and down. His friends realized it and wondered. He even broke up with Yuri without giving any reason. Tae Hwa, his best friend appealed some explanation from Song-ju.

“What’s wrong man? You’re like that since you encountered that snubby So-hee. What’s with that girl, Song-ju? What’s with her that you have to withdraw your pleasure?”

Song-ju replied Tae Hwa a smile. “I deserve this, man. This is the price of my actions!” he stood, preparing to leave.

“Who is she? Who is So-hee?”

Song-ju walked and left Tae Hwa. He stopped and shrugged. “Somebody….. Somebody I missed!”

So-hee noticed Song-ju outside staring at her house in the middle of the night. There, he stood firm and resilient. She ignored it and go back to sleep. After several hours for about 2 AM, in the morning, So-hee woke up. She secretly peeped through her window and unbelievably saw Song-ju there. So-hee started to bite her lip but she controlled herself and worried nothing about Song-ju.

That same morning, So-hee woke up satisfied with her sleep. She immediately took a glimpse outside but found no Song-ju anymore.

So-hee hurried for school. “Bye mom!” She opened the door to leave and astonished the attraction she saw. Tulips filed on their doorstep amazed her eyes. Formed into a heart shape, tulips bloomed beautifully. In the middle was a small note saying I’m sorry!

At school, So-hee found another bouquet of tulips inside her locker and another sorry note was attached.

“Song-ju,” she whispered.

At soccer practice, So-hee found her self alone and surprised. Bunch and bunch of tulips, So-hee’s favorite flower scattered on the field with notes of sorry on it.

“So-hee!” a soft voice spoke to her. “Song-ju’s suffering too! I know how he had hurt you and I actually don’t have the right to speak to you like this. My best friend, he’s never been stupid like right now. He broke up with Yuri. He forgot to smile. He wandered everywhere looking for tulips and scattered it on the field. Huh! I don’t like him doing those things. He is now an insane Song-ju but what I understand, he loves you so much!”

So-hee felt relieved. She closed her eyes and imagined Song-ju’s face. She smiled. “Fool!” she whispered.

Song-ju sat drearily on a bus seat. He stared outside exhaustedly like he lost all his hopes on So-hee. The bus started to leave. Song-ju felt really tired and he slowly closed his eyes. Out of his tiring day, he managed to sleep on the bus.

In the middle of his dreaming, Song-ju slipped his head and woke up. He found himself lying on somebody’s shoulder. He lifted his head slowly. He saw the person’s lips, fine cheeks, nose and eyes. She looked familiar.

“How could you sleep on a bus for three hours?” a gentle voice spoke to him.

Song-ju looked around and found no one but the driver and the person on his side. He realized that it was already pitch dark outside.

“Song-ju, I’m hungry! Can we stop at Burger House?”

Song-ju smiled – his sweetest smile ever. “Sure! But don’t forget to watch your diet, So-hee!”

They both laughed.



July 21 , 2005