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Wisdom From A Father To His Son
by Anonymous - translated by Hyun-hee Kim


1. Don’t go into business with a person who is always late. Those who are not on time easily break their promises.

2. Starting from kindergarten, be friends with a lot of girls who call you “ Oppa”. I am sure some of them will grow into beautiful women who wouldn’t talk to you if you hadn’t known them from children.

3. Don’t be mean to women. Every woman, is old or young, likes a gentleman.

4. Purchase the best quality of bedding. Sleeping well is one of the most important things.

5. Don’t expect too much obedience and respect from your children. I was just happy to see your smile when I raised you. That’s all I wanted.

6. When you pee stand close to the toilet. Tears are not the only things men shouldn’t spill.

7. If your friend visits you after a long time and pretends you are his best friend he wants to borrow some money from you. Say “ No”. Obviously. Otherwise you will not only lose your money but may even get hurt emotionally.

8. Don’t be shy when you sing or dance. Your friends will be comfortable with you and your wife will be impressed.

9. Love and respect your wife. Then so will your wife love and respect you.

10. Don’t be too lazy to study. Otherwise you will regret it when you get old. While you are young is the best time to learn in life.

11. Choose an occupation you enjoy doing. You will be successful in your business.

12. Have a hobby you like to do. Your life won’t be boring.

13. Be wise about spending your money. Otherwise you can easily become a slave of money.


March 29 , 2005