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What Is A Man Meant To Do?
by Stephen Brown

Along comes some more bad news...

Dark clouds are gathering,
Again the sky is turning gray.
Here my life lies in ruins,
Deserted and alone, I stay
Long gone are my hey days,
Short lived were they,
Recklessly, I gave them away.
A mere one night in bed,
Now, an estranged son I have instead
and in a distant land, I rest.
While, now I am slowly moving ahead,
my mistakes of old, are hard to forgive.

Then just as the sky was beginning to turn blue,
Along comes some more bad news.
The lady I truly love is about to move.
To a distant city, I must now commute.
Our future together survives on the thinnest thread.
Soon she will be back in her parent’s grasp,
Like an opposing forces they are already gathering,
An arranged marriage has already been spoken,
As for me, I’m aged and penniless.
Needless to say, of me they will disapprove,
Against this foreign culture, I must now move.
Wondering how my dreams can come true.

It is here that I become confused,
What is a man meant to do?
An old saying, tells me to let her go.
Then if our love is true,
She come running back to you.
But this is a different land,
This word “Him” I do not understand,
Strong and reliable, until the end,
To just lie and wait would be a mistake.
So I think I have continue to chase.
Not knowing what will be my fate.
In my prays to “God”, I must have faith.

Decenber 6, 2004