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Yong Koong Sa
by C.J. Pellerin

Break into high plumes

muscle over

foam up inner crevices

gulls kite into

seeking stranded clams


Eaves' under-work

timber grey-boned

by salt-laden gales


In impressionist form

tour groups paint

down the 108 steps

pose for photos

under the immortal

pearl-clutching dragon

pile in pile out of

the main temple


In his special cavern

granite Buddha sits beside

a wilting bouquet of pink roses

receives all supplications

with the same smile


In the monk's chant


of Bird's heroin jazz?


A wizened Halmoni descends

into the holy cellar

with a badly shaking hand

lights a candle bows low


High-strung University girls

troop in pull out compact mirrors

adjust makeup babble into cell phones


Boys smoke push each other around


Heavily jaded house-wives

huddle together in cabbala

sip coffee clandestinely

check their designer purses


I shift aside

speak-English-to-foreigner looks

hope for an unbroken

oriental solitude



build in the shallows

hulk over


in timeless




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January 18, 2006